Weird's all I've got, that and my sweet style

Name: Sushi/Jane
Roller Derby "Sushi Slammer" #$2.50
One of those awkward people

The countdown:

6 weeks… Approximately 6 weeks left of bumhole Australia and then I’m off to Canada for approximately 2 years. 

Mood: Excited, anxious, stressed (because I don’t know where to start with packing)

I feel like throwing away almost everything I have. I’m absolutely certain if I ever come back here I don’t want some of the things I had before anyway.


i’m so absolutely bored of my present form i’m going to do something completely drastic soon and it’s going to feel so fucking good. no regrets. i’m already shivering 

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animandaxd asked: where ever did you buy that beautiful galaxy seifuku ????????

I bought it off taobao, here’s the link:

You’ll have to go through a shopping service though, if you haven’t bought from Taobao before.